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  • PositionProfessor and Chair

  • Research InterestsDirect and inverse problems on Schrodinger equations and p-Laplacian equations; Bifurcation diagram of positive solutions

  • CoursesCalculus, Linear algebra, Advanced calculus, Differential equations, Vector analysis

  • Tel27321104#55821

  • emailyhcheng@tea.ntue.edu.tw
  • PositionProfessor

  • Research FieldsMathematics Learning, Mathematics Teaching, Mathematics Curriculum

  • CoursesTeaching Materials and Methods of Elementary School Mathematics

  • Tel27321104#55156

  • mailsic@mail.ntue.edu.tw
  • Position:Professor

  • Research FieldsFinancial Mathematics、Financial Education

  • CoursesCalculus, Advanced Calculus、Algebra、Linear Algebra

  • Tel27321104#55422

  • mailhkliu@mail.ntue.edu.tw
  • Position: Professor

  • Research FieldsGame-Based learning、Mobile learning、Artificial Intelligence、programming

  • CoursesProgramming、Game programmingGame-Based learning、e-Learning、Ubiquitous Learning、Artificial Intelligence 

  • Tel27321104#55424

  • ​​​​​​​mailkhyang.sinica@gmail.com
  • PositionProfessor

  • Research FieldsMachine Learning、Human Computer Interaction、Image Analysis and Recognition、Interactive Learning

  • CoursesMachine Learning;Data Science Programming、Design Thinking

  • Tel27321104#52471

  • mailistertw@gmail.com

  • WebsiteMy Website
  • PositionRoger Yen

  • Research FieldsLearning Technology, Information Education, Interactive Technology

  • CoursesIntroduction to Internet, Operating System, Teaching Methods and Materials of Information, AIOT, Technology Literacy and Ethics

  • Tel27321104#55822

  • maillcyan@mail.ntue.edu.tw
  • Position: Associate Professor

  • Research FieldsMachine Learning(Deep Learning), Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

  • Courses: Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Structures and Algorithms.

  • Tel+886-2-27321104#55825

  • mailchtsai.ntue@mail.ntue.edu.tw
  • PositionAssociate Professor

  • Research FieldsBiostatistics , Bioinformatics, data mining, Bayesian statistics

  • CoursesStatistics, Probability Theorem, Mathematical Statistics, Linear Algebra

  • Tel27321104#53305

  • mail:peichuncc@mail.ntue.edu.tw
  • Position:Associate Professor

  • Research Fields
    • Mathematical Concept Development
    • Psychology of Mathematics Learning
    • Mathematical Literacy and Mathematical Modeling
    • Foundational Mathematical Activities and Remedial Teaching
    • Mathematical Representation and Conceptual Imagery in Mathematics Teaching

  • Courses
    • Mathematics Education (Psychology of Mathematics Learning, Development of Mathematical Concepts, Mathematics Teaching and Assessment, Research on Mathematical Problem Solving, Mathematical Literacy Curriculum Design)
    • General Education (Popular Mathematics Reading, Mathematical Novels and Films, Interdisciplinary Mathematics Courses)

  • Tel27321104#55233

  • mailparis@tea.ntue.edu.tw

  • Websitego
  • Position:Associate Professor

  • Research Fields:differential equations and difference equations

  • Courses:Calculus, Advanced Calculus, Introduction to Mathematics, differential equations, Linear Algebra, Algegra

  • Tel27321104#55051

  • mailsyhuang@mail.ntue.edu.tw
  • PositionAssistant Professor

  • Research FieldsDesign of Mathematics Teaching and Learning

  • CoursesTeaching Materials and Methods of Elementary school Mathematics

  • Tel27321104#55630

  • mailjiancheng@mail.ntue.edu.tw
  • PositionAssistant Professor

  • Research FieldsBilingual Mathematics, Multicultural Mathematics Education, Finland Education (Phenomenon-based Learning)

  • CoursesTeaching Materials and Methods of Bilingual Mathematics Field in Elementary School Level. Multicultural Mathematics Education. Interdisciplinary Curriculum Design for Mathematics.

  • Tel 27321104#52463

  • mail chenwenhua@mail.ntue.edu.tw
  • Position: Assistant Professor

  • Research Fields: CT and Programming, STEAM Education, AR/VR in Education

  • Courses: Cross-Platform Webpage Design、Visual programming language、Data Visualization and Design、Digital Learning System

  • Tel: +886-2-27321104#53307

  • mailchihung@mail.ntue.edu.tw