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Department of Mathematics and Information Education (B.S., M.Ed.) 


    This department was first established in 1998 as the Department of Mathematics Education and became the Department of Mathematics and Information Education, comprising the Mathematics Education Division and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Information Education Division, in 2004; the department serves as the cradle of mathematics and information teachers. Each division enrolls 30 students each . Students in the Mathematics Education Division study both mathematics and mathematics education and learn how to apply information education to mathematics. Students in the AI and Information Education Division study interdisciplinary information, AI, and information education and learn to apply digital curriculum design to information education. Graduates from our department have career opportunities in educational institutions (both public and private), academia, the information and digital learning industries, public service, finance, and other fields. Graduates can also pursue higher degrees in fields such as mathematics, statistics, information, information education, and digital learning. The Master Program in Mathematics Education focuses on interdisciplinary mathematics and mathematics education, whereas the Master Program in AI and Information Education focuses on AI and information education. Each division teaches material design, teaching strategies, educational technology, curriculum evaluation, learning assessment methodology, and professional development to advance empirical research in and the practical application of mathematics, artificial intelligence, information education, and teaching theory.

    The professors in our department specialize in mathematics, mathematics education, information education, and information science. Our department is equipped with monographs, textbooks, and research materials related to mathematics education, artificial intelligence, and information education. The distinguishing feature of our department, however, is the mathematics camp, which provides students with an opportunity to explore their creativity and gain practical teaching experience during the summer and winter vacations.