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Chih-Hsiao Tsai


Basic Information

  • Name :Chih-Hsiao Tsai

  • Position: Associate Professor

  • Research FieldsMachine Learning(Deep Learning), Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality 

  • Courses: Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Structures and Algorithms

  • Tel :+886-2-27321104#55825

  • mail:chtsai.ntue@mail.ntue.edu.tw



Ph.D., Computer Science and Information Engineering, Tamkang University  (2001 - 2006) 


Self Introduction

Licenses & certifications

  • IBM Data Science Foundations - Level 1, Level2(IBM)
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification - 16328106(Google)
  • Unity Certified Developer - Unity Technologies - 201701UCD1440(Unity Technologies)
  • Foundation Certificate in EPC Architecture Framework - 14053001042(GS1EPCglobal)
  • Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 Certified Professional - 00328224(Autodesk)

Journal Papers

  • Tsai, C. H., Kuo, Y. H., Chu, K. C. & Yen, J. C. (2015). Development and Evaluation of Game-based Learning System Using the Microsoft Kinect Sensor. International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, 2015(6), 1-10. (SCI)
  • Tsai, C. H., & Yen, J. C. (2014). The Augmented Reality Application of Multimedia Technology in Aquatic Organisms Instruction. Journal of Software Engineering and Applications, 2014(7), 745-755.
  • Yen, J. C., Tsai, C. H., & Wu, M. (2013). Augmented reality in the higher education: Students' science concept learning and academic achievement in astronomy. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 103(2013), 165-173. 
  • Tsai, C. H., & Yen, J. C. (2013). The development and evaluation of a Kinect sensor assisted learning system on the spatial visualization skills. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 103(2013), 991-998. 
  • Yen, J. C., Tsai, C. H., & Chen, I. J. (2010). Exploring the Effects of Game-based Instructional Design on 3D Animation: A Perspective of Technology Acceptance. WSEAS Transactions on Information Science & Applications, 7(7), 955-964. (EI)

Conference Papers

  • Tsai, C. H., Wang, Y., Hu, H. H., & Huang, G. H. (2019). Open-Source Interactive and Narrative Visualization Tool for Activity-based Travel Demand Model: Application in SCAG ABM Development. 2019 Transportation Planning Applications Conference, Portland, USA.
  • Tsai, C. H., & Yen, J. C. (2016). Effect of an Equivalent Fractions Digital Game on the Learning Outcome, Motivation, and Flow Types Among Elementary School Students. 2016 International Conference on Educational Innovation through Technology, 70-75. (IEEE, C:5)
  • Tsai, C. H., Yen, J. C. (2014). Teaching Spatial Visualization Skills Using OpenNI and the Microsoft Kinect Sensor. Future Information Technology (FutureTech 2014), pp 617-624. Zhangjiajie, China, May 29-31, 2014.
  • Tsai, C. H., Yen, J. C., Yang, J. J., & Wang, J. Y. (2012, May). A Study of Individual Difference on Learners' Acceptance toward Game-based Instructional Design of 3D Animation. Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education (GCCCE2012), pp.377-380. Pingtung, Taiwan, May 28- June 1st.
  • Tsai, C. H., Yang, J. J. (2011, May). The Effectiveness of Scaffolding Cooperative Learning with Mechanisms of Peer Assessment. Proceedings of the 15th Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education (GCCCE2011), pp.1507-1511. Zhejiang University, China, May 29-31, 2011.
  • Tsai, C. H., Yen, J. C. & Chen, I. J. (2010). Enhancing Learners'Performances on 3D Animation through Game-based e-Learning. Proceedings of the 9th WSEAS International Conference on Applied Computer Science (ACACOS'10), pp.111-116. HangZhou, China, April 11-13, 2010.(ISSN:1790-5117; ISBN:978-960-474-075-8)
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